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I could not speak higher praise of Dr. Lewis, Dr. Devlin and their entire support staff. From my initial consultation, though the surgery, recovery time and follow ups the entire team at Dr. Lewis’ practice has been supportive, straight forward and professional. I am a 20-something who was looking to get LASIK, I found Dr. Lewis’ office online and was attracted to him because of his experience, reviews, online presence and of course his affordable pricing. I drove over an hour to come in for an initial consultation where I met Dr. Devlin who is probably one of the most approachable doctors I have ever had the pleasure of working with, he took multiple measurements and explained what every test was as well as my results and what they meant as far as my candidacy for LASIK. He also explained the procedure, what I can expect, the risks and expected recovery. I was all set for my procedure! The day of the surgery all of my measurements were re-taken and I was prepped. As the surgery started it became clear that my eyes would not open wide enough to accommodate the automated tool they use to cut the LASIK flap so instead of trying to push it or cut it manually they stopped the surgery, explained to me the situation and offered an alternative surgery PRK, the explained the procedure and how it will most likely extend my recovery time and pain. As I was already in the surgery room and on wearing off Valium they not only got my consent but explained the entire situation to my mother who drove me, after both of us consented they re-prepped me and performed PRK surgery on both eyes. Over the next few days my recovery was not the best time of my life, but they gave me the perfect medications to ensure it was not too painful or unpleasant I mainly slept. After a few days I was driving and back to work. It is now a month after my surgery and I can read, drive, work, watch TV, use my computer do everything I used to but this time I don’t have to deal with glasses or contact lenses. I could not be happier with my results and highly highly recommend Dr. Lewis, Dr. Devlin and this entire practice to anybody looking to get any sort of eye procedure, these guys are the epitome of professionalism and unlike many doctors they are always on the cutting edge of equipment, technique and technology. You can’t go wrong.