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I just want to say that I had Lasik surgery with Dr. Lewis. He is the ultimate professional. His office and staff are top notch and the follow up visits are convenient and thorough. I also was seen and followed up by Dr. Devlin, who is a wonderful doctor. Dr. Devlin and Dr. Lewis put you at ease and address any concerns that you may have. Dr. Devlin, as well as Dr. Lewis have a very easy going and approachable attitude, which is refreshing in the medical community. The procedure was one of the best things that I have done. It truly made my life easier and more enjoyable. It has helped my golf game, especially putting better.s* I did my research as to where to have it done. I live in NJ and I found the pricing to be very fair and the follow up tremendous. Dr. Lewis is not just a laser shooter md, he is an accomplished eye surgeon. This is the guy you want handling the laser…as it’s your eyes! Their equipment is tops in the field, as well. I cant say enough about Dr. Lewis and Dr. Devlin and their staff. Top notch.